The Work of Showthamini Shanthakumar

Cheyenne Tribe


The Cheyenne are people of the Great Plains Native American cultural group. The location of their tribal homelands are shown on the map. The geography of the region in which they lived dictated the lifestyle and culture of the Cheyenne tribe.

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The women of the Cheyenne tribe were responsible for making the clothes worn by the people. Most items were sewn from soft, tanned skins of deer (buckskin) and buffalo. Clothing was often beautifully decorated with paint, porcupine quills or beadwork. Cheyenne clothing for both men and women were adorned with ornaments, and they wore elaborate necklaces and armbands.

The type of clothes worn by the women of the Cheyenne tribe were knee-length dresses and leggings. The women also wore the buffalo robes to keep warm and dry. The dresses of the Cheyenne women that were used for special occasions were intricately decorated with beads and painted with signs and symbols that reflected their tribal identity and family values celebrating acts of valor by their men or sacrifices made for the well-being of the family and tribe. Cheyenne women wore their hair in two, thick braids decorated with beads.


Designer: Showthamini Shanthakumar
Photography: Samal Bandara
Model: Justina Anitsuj
MUA: Meraki By Sumi

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